Peak Ridge was founded by Michael McNally, later joined by Jason Smith, and currently has a talented international team with over 150-years of direct industry experience and a successful track record with billions of dollars in completed domestic and international transactions. The flexibility enjoyed within Peak Ridge allows the firm to entertain a widely diverse spectrum of investments and partnership opportunities while remaining focused on providing strong risk-adjusted returns. This is accomplished by investing in only top-tier opportunities that are not otherwise available to most investors.

Unique, Exclusive & Discreet

Peak Ridge has become a leading alternative asset management firm by using unique insights and exclusive relationships, all the while being completely discreet. We provide our investors the opportunity to invest alongside us into unparalleled, direct, top-tier investment opportunities and products that allow investors the ability to diversify their investment portfolios across multi-faceted offerings. Ultimately, Peak Ridge is proud to provide sophisticated investors unique offerings that couple superior returns with managed risk.